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Our 10 Step Process for Your Internet Marketing Campaign

Step 1: Initial Contact

Initial conversation for our concept discussion begins with you calling or emailing us. We will discuss your project overview and offer some ideas or consultation as needed. Some rough prices might be discussed, however that is simply to provide client with a ballpark estimate before we begin the process.

Step 2: Information Gathering

We will send you our SEO Setup Worksheet

The quicker it’s filled out and returned, the quicker we can get started. Be sure to include as much as possible in order to yield the proper project proposal and avoid any bottlenecks later in the project.

Step 3: Invoice and Payment for Initial SEO Audit Report

We will send you an Invoice (via email through QuickBooks) for the Initial Audit. The price of the Initial SEO Audit will be determined by the size and age of your website (often times this can range anywhere from $200-$1000.)

For payment, you will have 2 options:

1.) Pay Online with Credit Card (using the link in the email) OR

2.) Pay with Check through the mail to the address provided.

Naturally the Credit Card option will be the fastest and we can begin work on your project much faster, whereas payment via Check will entail delays due to delivery time and waiting for the payment to clear.

Step 4: Initial SEO Audit Report Performed

Once we receive payment, we immediately go to work. We utilize several tools that we have available to us as well as our years of training and experience. Once we have all the pertinent information, we put it all together in a format that is easy to read and understand.

Along with the Audit Report, we will visit with you to explain the impacts that certain things have on your online marketing efforts. Then we make recommendations based upon the status of certain factors. We use all of this to compile an Internet Marketing and/or SEO Proposal in the next step.

Step 5: Internet Marketing and/or SEO Proposal

With all the information gathered in Step 4, we are able to create a game plan that is tailored specifically for you. Unlike many other SEO Agencies, we don’t believe in packages where “one-size-fits-all”. Rather we see each project as it’s own unique entity with it’s own characteristics. Therefore, each proposal will be different.

Step 6: Invoice and Payment for Internet Marketing and/or SEO Project

Once you have reviewed and approve the Internet Marketing and/or SEO Proposal, we will send you an Invoice for the Project. We use the same Invoice and Payment system as mentioned earlier in Step 3.

Step 7: Internet Marketing and/or SEO Project Begins

Upon receiving payment, we go to work on your project. As mentioned earlier, each project is unique, so you will have a good understanding of the timeline and when to expect work to be completed.

Step 8: Reporting and Follow Up At End of Project Period

Once we have completed the project work, we will report back to you with regards to the items performed and any details regarding. We will also compile a set of options and recommendations for you at the end of the work period.

Step 9: Options for Client

Upon the completion of the Project Period, we will show you clear options that are available to you. Often times the best option is to continue with the SEO or Internet Marketing Project to see it through to the end for ultimate outcomes. Other times, we will recommend other projects such as: Content Strategy, Link Strategy, Video Campaign or a Social Media Campaign. There are several directions you can take from here – and the best part is we don’t hold you to any contract. We simply lay out your options and discuss them with you – then you decide.

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