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Our 10 Step Process for Building Your Website Design


Step 1: Initial Contact

Initial conversation for our concept discussion begins with you calling or emailing us. We will discuss your project overview and offer some ideas or consultation as needed. Some rough prices might be discussed, however that is simply to provide client with a ballpark estimate before we begin the process.

Step 2: Information Gathering

We will send you our Client Setup Worksheet

The quicker it’s filled out and returned, the quicker we can get started. Be sure to include as much as possible in order to yield the proper project proposal and avoid any bottlenecks later in the project. Also you will be signing an Copyright Ownership Statement form at this time.

Step 3: Proposal To Client

Once the setup worksheet is returned, we will prepare a proper proposal within 2 business days for their review.

Step 3: Client Review of Proposal

Upon reviewing our project proposal, you will have the opportunity to request any changes, ask questions, or add/subtract from the proposal as needed. Once the proposal suits your needs, simply sign and return.

Important Note: This is your biggest opportunity to make the most changes to your project without incurring extra costs later in the project. The more we know at Step 3, the less possibility for confusion or miscommunication later.

Remember the sooner we finish this step, the sooner we can begin your project.

Step 4: Client Initial Payment and Delivery of Assets for Project

We will send you an Invoice (via email through QuickBooks) for the first 50% of the project fees. For payment, you will have 2 options: 1.) Pay Online with Credit Card (using the link in the email) OR 2.) Pay with Check through the mail to the address provided.

Naturally the Credit Card option will be the fastest and we can begin work on your project much faster, whereas payment via Check will entail delays due to delivery time and waiting for the payment to clear.

Once you have sent payment, we will then need you to deliver the assets necessary for us to begin work on the project. We will send you a reminder list of all the assets we need including: images, content, videos, logins and passwords, etc.

Step 5: First Mockup Build And Review

A mockup can be delivered in two ways. Usually we deliver a mockup via email in an image format. This allows you to see what the home page of your website will look like. You will be able to see how the colors are, how the website is laid out, how the navigation will look and feel, etc. Another way we deliver mockups is in the “live” format, which means we will actually build a working live version of your site on our client test server. This gives the client the ability to view an actual working version of their site while we are building it.

Depending on the size or complexity of your project, we usually are able to deliver your first mockup within 1 business week (which means if you send us initial payment and all the necessary assets for the project on a Monday, we usually can have this mockup back to you by the following Monday – sometimes even sooner!)

When all of the first 4 Steps of your project have been handled properly, the chances of your first mockup being spot on are usually 100%. Alternatively if the first 4 Steps of your project were not handled properly, we usually run in to some snags at this point. This is usually due to improper communication or not enough information from the client on the Setup Worksheet. So please remember to be as thorough as possible in the beginning to ensure a smooth project. If ever in doubt, just ask us! We will be more than happy to help. This way we all enjoy a smooth process from start to finish.

Step 6: Approval or Revision of Mockup

This is a critical point in the project. On all of our projects, we always allow 1 revision. Should you require more revisions, there will be a substantial fee for us to provide more work.

This Step is an excellent opportunity to notice any of the small details that you might want “tweaked” or “adjusted”. Things that usually are changed in the final revision are:

  1. Moving social media icons to a different place on the site
  2. Adding a field to a contact form
  3. Changing out an image

Now of course there are some things that might naturally happen due to human error such as:

  1. A misspelled word
  2. Incorrect phone number
  3. A little spacing error from the coding of the site

We certainly will take care of those at any phase in the project. We hope that no errors are made on our part, but we must admit that we are human and little things might possibly get by us. If you see something of that nature, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will get it corrected immediately at no charge.

Once again, if all has went well in the first few steps of the process – we don’t foresee any problems. On the other hand, if you are indecisive or like to change your mind often – we cannot be responsible for that. Please understand that it takes a team of designers and coders to produce your website. Therefore things can get pretty expensive for both of us when a client is not clear in their project.

Step 7: Final Approval of Mockup

Once you have sent us all the necessary changes in Step 6, we will deliver a Final Mockup that is ready for Final Approval. We will send you an email notification stating: “This Is Your Final Mockup and Is Ready For Approval.” To approve, simply reply to the email with a simple statement such as: “I approve”, or “looks great, let’s move forward” or something similar.

If for any reason there are additional changes needed (other than errors on our part), we will have to send you an additional Invoice that will need to be paid before we can move forward. Again, this is highly unlikely – but please keep in mind that we need to put this in here so we are all on the same page from start to finish.

Step 8: We Build Your Complete Website

Once final mockup approval is received, we build your site on our live client test server. Upon completion, we send it to you for final review.

Outside of any very minor tweaks or revisions, we will simply request an email stating you are ready to move forward with going live on your host server.

Step 9: Final Payment for Project

We will send you an Invoice for the final 50% of your project fees. Payment can be handled the same way as in Step 4. Once we receive and this payment and it is cleared, we are ready to deliver your new website!

Step 10: Moving Your New Website To Your Hosting!

Upon receiving final payment, we will deliver the project to the client’s host server and send a release of all files to the client.

Project is then complete and you have a new website for the whole world to see!


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