Here are just some of the web marketing and search engine optimization services we offer.  Contact us today and let us put together a package that is right for you.

Web Development Services:

Website Full Analysis

–       We will do a full analysis and reporting on your website’s current and past condition and performance issues.

–       We will make recommendations and design a plan of action for proper optimization moving forward.

–       Usually runs around $500-800 depending on the dynamics and size of your current site as well as the age of your site.

New Website Build

–       From scratch – everything from start to finish

–       This is where it all begins for most new businesses and people who have never had a site for their business

–       Prices will vary depending on client’s needs and desires. But the usual site is around $1500-2000

Convert Existing Site to CMS

–       Usually most people prefer to have their site converted to WordPress for ease of use and updating.

–       Prices will vary depending on client’s needs and desires. But a starting price point is around $999

Mobile Responsive Website

–       In the world of smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and tablets like iPad and Note) more and more people are accessing your website from a mobile device. Especially people traveling to Las Vegas. Your site needs to be easy to access and navigate from one of these devices. You may risk losing customers if your site is hard to navigate and the user has to pinch their screen and can’t easily click the navigation buttons on your website.

–       This is an absolute must in 2014. If your site isn’t mobile responsive – you are not showing your customers that you want their business.

–       Prices will vary depending on your current website coding and structure.

Other Development Services:

–       Logo Creation

–       Image Editing

–       eCommerce and Shopping Cart to your website

–       Digital Download Delivery from your website


Optimization Services:

Content Calendar

–       We do all the content strategy for you. You get to keep doing what you do best – run your business!

–       Content calendars and content strategy can be done for any one or all of your web properties including: Blog, Press Releases, Social Media, Infographics, Website Content, Videos, etc.

–       Cost will vary depending on the volume of content you desire to produce each month.

Social Media Profile Creation

–       We can clean up an existing social media profile that you already have, or we can create new ones from scratch.

–       We also make sure that you have the complete profile filled out and the proper About information as well as images to the right size for the specific social media site.

Social Media Maintenance

– It sounded easy in the beginning, right? But now it has become a pain in the rear. That’s where we come in. We can monitor, maintain and grow your social media presence for you.

Blog Writing and Blog Maintenance

–       Just like everyone has probably always told you from the beginning: “you should be blogging regularly”. Yup, sounds easy enough. Then you realize that you have a business to run and you cannot keep up with it.

–       We offer blog creation, blog writing and blog maintenance for you. After we determine your business needs for blogging, we can set up an ongoing plan to maintain everything for you and you get the credit!

Press Release Writing and Distribution

– Always a good idea to put out a news release here and there if your company has done something newsworthy.

Infographic Creation and Development

On Page SEO (by the page or by the site)

Local SEO

Link Analysis

Link Removal Service

Link Site Discovery

Competition Analysis

Video SEO Including:

YouTube Channel Setup and Optimization

Video Optimization (yes – you have to optimize them in order for them to get found!)

And many more services including:  Google AdWords PPC Management, Website Build, Hosting Setup, Domain Registration, etc.

Contact us today and let’s discuss your goals.  From there, we can come up with a reasonable, well planned campaign to get you where you want to be on the web.

Key Ideas to Keep in Mind with SEO Services:

Don’t be fooled by anyone, there are no guarantees – EVER!

Every client is unique, every industry is unique, every website is unique.

Therefore, it is a good strategy to have an ongoing SEO package with some additional services sprinkled in throughout.

With search engine optimization, there is no such thing as “one size fits all.”

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